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Herman Miller Aeron Chaise by Sietze Kalkwijk

We've got the wireless keyboard, the wireless laser mouse, and the 30-inch LCD- why didn't we think of this before? And wouldn't you know it, here's designer Sietze Kalkwijk teasing us with his one-off, you-can't-have-one Herman Miller Aeron Chaise, commissioned by Berry Friedman, which takes the ergonomic office chair to the next level by making it a recliner-like lounger suitable for supine computing. Supposedly the design was inspired by us lazy Americans who have a reputation for living a rather sedentary and TV-filled existence, and may actually see a production run at some point. We'd love to argue with that whole "lazy Americans" thing, but we're pretty sure that if we're not the poster boys, we certainly contribute heavily to the stereotype.