Seamless Fashion Show 2006 features iPod-ready couture

Seamless V2, the second annual technology fashion event in Boston, included iPod fashion in its wild mix of wearables.

Pictured above is iDo, a wedding dress concept by Shannon Okey and Alexandra Underhill. The veil included an iPod (update number two: yes, a shuffle, and the bodice a full-sized iPod) to immerse the bride in her own musical choices. The iDo description further describes the aims of the project:

"...the iDo gown takes the so-called Bridezilla where she seemingly wants to go: her very own solitary walk down the aisle, with full control over music only she can hear accessed using touch-sensitive fabric technology ... and a tiara with built-in iPod."

If you're less the Bridezilla and more the iPod-extrovert, you may appreciate designer David Lu's iPod Status. A scrolling display for your messenger bag strap, iPod Status shows the world your "Now Playing" status. I love messenger bag strap devices (I've done a few myself) and I think David Lu is onto something with this prototype device. Photo of iPod Status after the jump.

[A big thank you to Cati Vaucelle for the photos. Photo Credits: Cati Vaucelle. Model for iDo: Tatiana De Profundis. Model for iPod Status: Nadia Katana]