Ugobe's Pleo dino-bot

There's been a mite of hype surrounding Furby creator Caleb Chung's latest robo-toy venture, Ugobe, and today at DEMO they announced their first "Designer Life Form" (we prefer "robopet," or "robot" if absolutely necessary, thankyouverymuch), Pleo. Apparently Pleo, the 1-week-old Camarasaurus, runs on Ugobe's "Life Form Operating System" (whever that is) and receives sensory input by way of 38 touch, motion, toe, light and sound sensors, moves with 14 servos, has such adorable dino-dos as twitching, sneezing, sniffing, yawning, chomping, coughing, blinking, as well as interacting with all the faux-lifelike behaviors, moods, and desires you'd expect from a week old sauropod. Of course, the SD memory expansion is an especially nice touch for any robopet in the wake of Aibo's untimely demise, but you're gonna have to wait until Q306 so if you want to drop your $200 on this little monster.

P.S. We've got $15 on the Roboraptor in a cagematch.