Apple iPod nano now comes in 1GB

Ryan Block
R. Block|02.07.06

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Ryan Block
February 7th, 2006
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Apple iPod nano now comes in 1GB image
Apple iPod nano now comes in 1GB image
iPod Nano
It was a quiet introduction with no announcement, no fanfare, and certainly no warning -- not that we hadn't expected this -- but today Apple threw up a 1GB nano on their store for $149. Yup, same nano we've all come to know and, um, wipe smudges and scratches constantly. Thing is, we know that Apple doesn't like making a big deal when they start phasing out old products, and from the look of things that could be what they're doing with the shuffle, which got a price slash itself, the 512MB version down to $69 and the 1GB version down to a Benjamin. Somehow we can imagine they'll be selling a lot more nanos than ever before, and they probably won't be of the 2GB/$200 or 4GB/$250 variety, feeling us?

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