Volvo S80 detects intruders' heartbeats

Perhaps the nicest thing about living in a city with great public transportation is that we've almost forgotten the gripping panic that used to overcome us each time we went out to the car alone at night, terrified that the proverbial "man-with-the-hook" was secreted away in the backseat somewhere. Well it seems that the engineers at Volvo also know our fear, and have incorporated a heartbeat sensor inside the new S80 sedan that alerts your wireless key fob if there's a criminal-type lying in wait for you as you approach. Although this tech would do a bit to alleviate our irrational fear, the logical side of us realizes that if a ne'er-do-well could crack the rest of Volvo's tight security features to break into our ride unnoticed, he could probably disable this heartbeat sensor as well. Like we said, it's probably best that we stick to public transportation.

[Via Autoblog]