Seagate announces first 12GB 1-inch hard drive

We're getting all too accustomed to hard drive makers squeezing more and more data into smaller and smaller spaces, but there's still something really sweet about the news that Seagate's rolling out a new 12GB 1-inch drive called the ST1.3 that's 23% smaller than their current 1-inch drive yet squeezes in 50% more storage capacity. They're aiming these drives squarely at mobile phone makers, so brace yourselves for announcements of a whole bunch of 12GB cellphones in the weeks and months after Seagate starts shipping these things (they're saying it'll be Q3 of this year).

P.S. - Yeah, we know that flash is where it's at for portable devices, but it'll be a while before it's feasible (from a cost perspective) to put 12GB of flash into a cellphone.