Yet another Apple iPod nano lawsuit

Seems hard for Apple to catch a break these days -- the biggest fall the hardest and all, so it makes sense that peeps want to get their hands in Apple's pockets. But whereas the iPod hearing lawsuit from earlier this month seems pretty unfounded, the latest iPod nano suit filed late last week by Clark Sioson certainly does feel familiar and rings true. The case is brought forth against Apple regarding "scratched, streaked, cracked, or otherwise defective" iPod nanos -- one of the complaints in the suit regarding cracked nano screens (which came along with a $25 replacement fee) have since been addressed by Apple, but Sioson's suit calls for Apple to replace any and all scratched, cracked, or broken nanos and reimburse their customers, and to also add a clause to their warranty stating scratching and cracking will be covered by Apple. So here we go again (though we probably shouldn't expect an outcome on this until 2007 or 2008)! [Warning: PDF link]

[Via MacMinute]