Atarimax's ColecoVision 128-in-1 Flash MultiCart

OK, here's an example of a solution in need of a problem: Atarimax is taking pre-orders for a $130 flash cart that lets you load up to 127 old school ROMs via USB and play them- on your dusty old ColecoVision (if it even works anymore). That's right, instead of building your own MAME cabinet or playing Smurf Rescue on your PC, Atarimax wants you to buy their ColecoVision 128-in-1 Flash MultiCart and load it up with over a hundred of the greatest non-Atari pixelated games in history. The MultiCart comes with a USB cable and software for transferring ROMs, and a handy reset button for changing games without turning off your ColecoVision. You better hurry if you want to pick one up "cheap," though, because the price goes back up to $150 on March 6th- oh, and did we mention that this little curiosity is BYOG?

[Via Retro Thing]