Breaking News - TI's OMAP 3430 processor adds HD to phones


Ok, so we thought the iPod would let us store and carry HD content from HDTV to HDTV. We were close based on Texas Instrument's newest OMAP3430 processor for cellular phones. The new OMAP3430 samples are due out in mid-year, but not for use in devices until 2007 is the likely story. The processor provides HD playback capability in a mobile phone; theoretically you could download some HD content via a 3G data link and then connect your phone to a high-def monitor for playback. The OMAP3430 will support MPEG-4, WMV-9, H.264 and RealVideo 10 when we see it next year. Sounds like we'll have a new poll question next year: Will your next phone be 720p or 1080i?