Engadget Lovecast 069 - 02.14.06

We've got a special Valentine's day Lovecast for everyone out there on this February 14th; last week we asked for you to call us up and hit us with your best love & gadget-related questions, and today we took on the best of them with a certain panache, a certain sensitivity, a certain je ne sais quoi. So put on some Gainsbourg, grab you and your sweetheart a glass of rosé, and kick back as we send this one out to all the lovers, lovelorn, loveless, and lovesick out there who have a special spot in their hearts for technology just as they do their special someone.

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Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Randall Bennett

Bluesmen Get Hungry - Electric Blues

38:51, 17.7 MB, MP3

02:38 - A man's DS dilemma
06:13 - Heartbreak over the Rio Karma
09:50 - Refurbished iPod for the lady
14:05 - Metaphorical "catcher's mitt?"
19:16 - Xbox 360 love down under
23:20 - Sharing an MP3 with your significant other via Bluetooth
27:20 - Breaking up over TiVo
29:49 - Getting your Treo back
33:56 - New cameras for the couple?


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