NEC Japan announced their new Visual On-demand Tool for of Life, or VoToL. This compact PMP packs in a 30GB disk, 2.7-inch 320 x 240 LCD, USB 2.0, SD expansion, and support for MPEG-2/4 and DivX video and MP3, WMA, Ogg, Vorbis and AAC audio among others. It also features an English to/from Japanese translator which takes spoken word and displays the translated text directly back to the display. Sounds good so far, but this slightly-larger-than-a-5G-iPod device only manages to pump 8-hours of audio (4-hours video) while on battery so that translator had better be damned useful for say, haggling down the $340 green-equiv price in Akihabara, which is where NEC will drop this (first?) in March.

[Via NewLaunches, Thanks Dhiram]