Palm OS 5, RIP. Access Linux Platform (ALP), hello beautiful!

Palm fans, steel yourselves. We have some news for you this morning. Today at 3GSM Access, the Japanese company who bought PalmSource last year, announced the (kinda) unexpected: the next version of the Palm OS. We know, crazy, right? PalmSource dragged Palm OS 5 (Garnet) kicking and screaming to its death, but what do we have to show for our years of patience waiting for Palm OS 6 (Cobalt)? Well, first of all, don't call it that at all -- Palm OS 6 / Garnet is gone -- Access is rebranding their OS (and yes, it is now their OS to rebrand) and went "Access Linux Platform," a very sober name for um, the Access platform that runs Linux (kernel 2.6.12 or above, to be exact). And when we say rebranding, we really mean it; though it will run classic Palm OS 5 applications, apps written for Access's new application framework, MAX, and even Linux apps written for the Gnome frontend, the ALP user interface is said to bear precisely no resemblance to the Palm OS of yore. Sounds like all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best when Palm OS 6 ALP starts showing up in devices set to be launched in 2007.

[Via Phonescoop]