Pentax's Optio T10, W10, and M10 six megapixel shooters unleashed

Pentax just announced three new compact digicams they'll turn out at the Photo Marketing Association trade show in a couple of weeks. The 0.77-inch thin, 6 megapixel Optio T10 (pictured) has a run-o-the-mill 3x zoom but is one of just a few compact shooters to offer-up a touch-sensitive 3-inch LCD -- the current max in this class. The W10 is an update to Pentax's underwater camera lineup featuring 6 megapixels, a reflection-free LCD, and stamped with JIS Class 8 waterproof and Class 5 dustproof ratings. Rounding out their PMA roster is the new M10 offering such middling features as 6 megapixels, a 2.5-inch LCD, and 3x optical zoom. All three offer SD expansion and should drop next month -- the T10 for $350, the W10 for "under $300" and the M10 for a cool $230. More pics after the break.