Taser's electrifying new XREP shotgun-fired projectile

Police will soon have a new weapon in their growing "non-lethal" arsenal in the form of a Taser-brand, shotgun-fired projectile that nearly quadruples the range of traditional stun guns while maintaining the same immobilizing-goodness we've come to expect from Taser products. The new XREP, which stands for Extended Range Electro-Muscular Projectile, contains a fully functional Taser circuit payload inside the shell housing for a 12-gauge shotgun, which is apparently among the most common "shoulder fired launchers" in use by law enforcement and military personnel. Unlike handgun-style Tasers, there is no wire tethering the payload to the gun, which allows for a 30-meter range but takes away the shooter's ability to lead the "non-compliant" around on a de facto leash. The response from the 35 lucky folks who field-tested (read: got shot by) the XREP was overwhelmingly positive: 100% said they would not recommend the sensation to friends and family. Protesters worldwide should start seeing these new superbullets whiz by sometime next year.