Amazon rolling music service and audio players?

In today's market you can just give the fine people at LoudEye a ring and have them whip you up a nice PlaysForSure online music store branded with your logo and copy, filled with all the latest chartbusters. And we're not sure if that's what Amazon's actually up to, but according to the Wall Street Journal they're apparently in "advanced talks" with four global music companies about setting up shop with their own iTunes Music Store competitor -- one supposedly to be built to be used with originally designed Amazon-branded audio players that would come preloaded with tracks and have discounted bundle packages for Amazon's music subscription service (yes, it's fair to say this is going to be YAPFSS -- yet another PlaysForSure service). But being Amazon, they could also be liable to take advantage of their more brick and mortar than Napster online storefront and offer discounted CD prices to subscribers of their service, which the WSJ notes could all be launched as early as summer.