Breath Test Pen for alcoholism, not halitosis

We all know that drinking and driving is a big no-no, both legally and morally, but sometimes it's hard to tell when you've had too much booze to get behind the wheel (probably because you're so drunk). That's where the personal breathalyzer comes in, and thankfully UK retailer Boys Stuff knows that most people interested in such products probably spend all of their money on hooch and can't afford one of the nicer models, so they're offering a "budget-conscious" alternative with excellent portability but questionable accuracy ("The place and method of operation may affect the test's result by up to 5%," claim the Boys). The Breath Test Pen indicates your sobriety level by flashing the normally-green LED red after an alcohol-filled puff, letting you know that it's time to "stop" and call a cab (and not to "stop" worrying and get in the car), and is presumably set at the .08 blood-alcohol level threshold common to both the US and the UK. If you're still not convinced that this $35 device is for you, we'll throw in a UV sunburn tester at no extra charge (we're not joking, it really does that- apparently drinking and tanning is more dangerous than we thought).

[Via Gadget Review]