Samsung sued over DVD-duping by discontinued player

Like a number older DVD players, Samsung's long-discontinued DVD-HD841 can be hacked via a sequence of remote-control keystrokes to, among other things, become a region-free player and disable copy protection. And even though Samsung stopped selling the DVD-HD841 in the US in October 2004, the big US movie studios have decided to make an example of the company. Disney, Time Warner, Fox, Paramount and Universal have filed a suit against Samsung, demanding that the company recall all affected players. Samsung execs are puzzled by the lawsuit and can't understand why the studios are going after the company over a player that the company says was discontinued after the copy-circumvention issue came to light. In the meantime, the lawsuit will likely only serve to call attention the player, which is still available via eBay and other sources for as little as $50. Thanks, guys!

[Thanks, Rich]