Warning: Don't GPS and drive!

Looks like you might have to add using your GPS to the list of things that the experts tell you not to do while driving. According to a new study, using GPS while behind the wheel is actually more distracting and less safe than unfolding a paper map and using it to find your way. The survey found that in 10% of cases, drivers would wait until they were on the road to program their GPS, and about 13% would rely solely on their GPS to get them to their destination, rendering them completely oblivious to the world around them. So, how about it peeps? We can't imagine going back to paper maps, and have found that GPS has actually made us more aware, since our cheapo unit doesn't audibly announce street names, forcing us to actually read signs so we know where we need to "turn right in 100 feet." But what do you think? Has GPS made you feel safer or less safe behind the wheel?