WiFi is dangerous/not dangerous: a new saga

We thought the tinfoil hat brigade was busy enough going after cellphones that they'd leave other technology alone. But apparently, some of them have found time to attack WiFi, and have had their first taste of success at a Canadian university, which has just banned wireless internet access. Officials at the school, Lakehead University, have banned WiFi, saying that they want to avoid "potential chronic exposure for our students." The officials point out that the "jury’s out" on the health risks from EMF generated by WiFi transmissions, and liken the risks of WiFi to those of second-hand tobacco smoke, which were not immediately apparent to researchers. Meanwhile, the school apparently still allows microwave ovens, cellphones, televisions, portable radios and other electrical devices that may pose some undefined long-term risk, though we assume they'll get around to banning them all soon enough.

[Via Boing Boing]