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KFC leverages DVR time-shifting to its advantage

KFC leverages DVR time-shifting to its advantage
Evan Blass
Evan Blass|February 23, 2006 10:48 AM
We assumed that the TiVo revolution would eventually convince the entire advertising industry to just close up shop and find a new outlet for its scary powers of persuasion, yet time-shifted TV has actually caused the wily advertisers to evolve and adapt like some strain of superbacteria, and they continue to surprise us with innovative ways to subject us to their messages. Take a new ad from the restaurant formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken that premiers this week, in which a "secret" message is encoded such that it is only visible while the commercial is being viewed in slo-mo. Now the concept of hidden ads in-and-of itself seems quite effective--even the most die-hard commercial skipper still has to watch the screen to avoid missing the beginning of the next segment, so a fast-forward-viewable message is a likely evolution--but KFC is stepping it up a notch and actually providing an incentive for people to seek out the ad, offering a free sandwich to those who can regurgitate the hidden phrase. Imagine that: there may soon be a day when we record shows not because we enjoy them, but because advertisers have told us that they'll give us free swag if we comply.

[Via PVR Wire]
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