Three more PCs from Shuttle due for CeBIT

Looks like Shuttle is bringing out three new PCs for March's CeBIT to accompany the X100 we saw yesterday. Their new front runner is their first Viiv PC, the SD365M, a barebones PC compatible with Intel's 915G Express chipset and sporting an integrated VFD status display. If you can swallow the $480 price tag -- for a case -- it seems like quite the mini PC. The SN21G5 keeps the same G5 form factor of the SD365M, but loses the VFD display and Viiv compatibility, opting for a nForce 410 board and supporting AMD chips. No word on price or availability, but it should undercut the SD365M by quite a bit. Shuttle is wrapping up with the M2000, a followup to their of M1000 of last year. There's no barebone option here, but the specs aren't so shabby, including a Core Duo processor, dual TV tuners, analog and digital TV out, and DVD dual layer recording. There is also a VFD display in front, but we're not sure when it's due or what it'll cost.