Video iPod fakery exposed on video

Not surprisingly at all (except to us, who said "this does look a bit promising" when we first saw it), the purported video iPod picture that has been circulating for the last few days has turned out to be a complete and total hoax. We say this with such certainty because the individual who 'shopped up the little wonder has thoughtfully released a video documenting how the entire project was pulled off. Aside from being a great mini-Photoshop tutorial, the video makes it clear that this "video iPod" is nothing more than a 5G 'pod photographed twice at 180 degree rotations and touched up a bit for color uniformity. On a similar note, we've gotten word that the creator of the infamous "iPod boombox" mockup will reveal his methods and considerable skills in a three-hour "making of" documentary hosted by Sam Waterston and Ryan Seacrest.

[Via Zatz Not Funny, thanks to everyone who sent this in]

UPDATE: A few commenters have pointed out that there are some interesting discrepancies between the video and the image it is supposedly exposing as a fake. Could the video exposing the fake itself be fake? Is someone out there hoaxing the hoax? This is all getting way too meta...