Microsoft Origami tale continues to unfold

This weekend saw a rapid unfolding of rumors about Microsoft's mysterious Origami project, spurred in part by the company's launch of a cryptic viral marketing site for the concept, in part by comments from Robert Scoble that Origami represented an actual device, and, of course, in large part due to a fascinating video showing a handheld, wireless, touch-screen/keyboard device that appeared -- and later disappeared -- on the internets (though, of course, it's still mirrored in countless places). Now that the weekend has passed, the Microsoft spin machine is busily reshaping the origami narrative. In addition to causing the video to magically disappear, the company has confirmed that the video is indeed an authentic representation of an "early prototype" of Origami, but insists that the images are about a year old. Meanwhile, word is out that the unveiling of Origami scheduled for Thursday will most likely show off a "technology," and not a finished product. Which sounds about right to us. Given that Microsoft brass recently discussed specs for an "ultramobile lifestyle PC," it seems pretty likely to us that what the company will unveil later this week will fit that description. Regardless, props to Microsoft: for once, the company has actually managed to steal Stevie J's thunder, building a buzz that's almost buried rumors about Apple's forthcoming announcements.