WWJD 3 - Results!

Ryan Block
R. Block|02.27.06

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Ryan Block
February 27, 2006 9:13 PM
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WWJD 3 - Results!
So, what would Steve Jobs do? We asked last week, and we took your answers in the form of over three hundred and fifty photoshopped mockups. We had a couple of Newtons, a ton of tablets, and a huge swarm of video iPods -- and a ton of miscellaneous stuff that both amused and bemused us during the hours we spent judging. While it's always hard hard to pick winners in these things, we thought first place took it with a bullet -- but one entry was so good, we had to give out a second place prize for the laugh.

Thanks to everyone who entered, even if your entries aren't in the gallery (click on to check it out), and remember to check back tomorrow to find out what Jobs actually did.
FIRST PLACE - Adam K's Apple Tablet

RUNNER UP - omni96's iPod shuffle video

HONORABLE MENTION - Shane P's faux Engadget steveynote coverage (which probably has fewer typos than ours will).

MacBooks and iBooks
William W's MacBook

Andrew's MacBook

Jonas's MacBook

Federico F's MacBaby

Austin's iPad

Stuart's iPad

Wayne's MacBook Tablet

Stuart C's MacBook Tablet

soundboy64's MacBook DSP

Garret G's Touchscreen iBook

Shawn B's PowerBook touch

Sam D iTablet

yazdgerd's iPod hi-fi, Mac mini dock, and iPod video

Joe B iPod yocto

Grant K's iPod DS

Wizard's take on the shuffle

Aaron's iWedge

Matt's iPod talk

Nick C's iPhone

Mac minis
Maxwell A's Mac mini HD

Andrew T's macTendo

Jason's iGame

Andrew M's Ultran Mouse

Andrew F HiFi

Hochi's iWrist

Dan A's PodStudio

What the hell?
Wes's iGiveUp

John P's BoxedLunch Pro

Gabriel gamXploiter

CK's iCube shuffle

Donald's iMac nano

Wes's OiPPC

Jason A's Mac & Cheese

Stevyn L's MacBook nano

Tim R's iRobot
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