Denon AVC-2920 receiver sports HDMI and 1080p

Denon AVC-2920

Denon has a spiffy new receiver out and you must know by know that if a receiver makes news on HDBeat, it must have HDMI ports. Well, you know us pretty good cause it does and the Denon AVC-2920 receiver supports 7.1 to match the HDMI sign and retails for around 800 Euros.

We don't think that it is going out on a limb to say that once HDMI becomes a normal connection on sub-$500 audio/video receivers, quality surround sound will become a staple in most homes. The biggest hurdle that many people have with today's audio products is hooking it all up and configuring it, but HDMI solves that: it carries the audio and video so people don't need to know what kind of cable they need and where it goes.