Kodak V570 gets iced for Oscars

We thought the idea of top Oscar noms getting special edition Moto PEBLs was pretty sweet. But Kodak's topped that, and proven that digicams are as worthy of bling as iPods, cellphones and laptops. The camera company is shacking up with Kwiat Diamond for a special edition EasyShare V570, which comes encrusted in 75 Kwiat diamonds in each of the Best Actress nominees' initials (we're guessing this one's Reese Witherspoon). Each is valued at $20,000 ($20,400 if you include the cost of the camera), so even if they don't win the little gold man, at least these ladies walk away with a very subtle reminder that they're rich, famous, and can still hack getting given gifts from gadget companies worth more than some people make annually.