Winshortcutter allows Macs to use .lnks


Ah the glories of a multi-platform office. The best of both worlds, yes? Well, maybe not. Since Apple was nice enough to fix the whole "I need to buy 3rd party apps to network two machines," the next big frontier (for me) has been getting a bunch of Window-centric items to somehow behave properly on the Mac.

It's bad enough that Web Outlook is totally crippled on the Mac. I've been dealing a bit with these .lnk files, Windows shortcuts, that don't work on Macs. Enter WinShortcutter, which fixes this nicely, and it's free to boot. I like that. Winshortcutter adds contextual menus and a Service for working with Windows shortcuts, so you're almost never without recourse when encountering the things. Now if there was some way to make John Welch's list happen... Oh, and the good folks behind WinShortcutter, Lobotomo Software, also make a fun port of Adventure for OS X. If you're feeling nostalgic for the text games of days gone by, check it out (also free).