AXIA manufacturer's site shows one, maybe two more WM5 smartphones

Along with the AXIA A308 that we brought you the other day, handset manufacturer VIPN (which stands for, rather puzzlingly, Voice Internet Phone Network) seems to have at least one and perhaps two more Windows Mobile smartphones in the pipeline, one or both of which could also include SIP 2.0 seamless VoIP-to-cellular handoffs. The model that clearly appears to be WM5-powered on VIPN's site is the candybar-shaped EMXI 700, which promises to be available in the second quarter of this year. Pictured alongside the 700 is the EMXI M5 clamshell, which shows a generic screenshot but is likely a smartphone due to the mention of WiFi, and is also scheduled to be released in Q2.

[Via MSMobiles News]