HP Pavilion dv5000t Core Duo laptop reviewed

Laptop Magazine has taken a closer look at the HP Pavilion dv5000t Core Duo laptop that we first spotted at CES, and bestow it with four out of five stars, concluding that "this sleek mainstream machine is a great buy." Highlights include the 1.83GHz dual-core processor, of course, as well as the Nvidia GeForce 7400 Go card, which sacrifices a bit of performance (compared to the dv4000's ATI x700, that is) in exchange for exceptional battery life- 7.5-hours with the optional 12 cell battery, which is double the life of the stock battery for only $39 more. Also of note were the performance of QuickPlay 2.0, an instant-on option (instant in this case equals 11 seconds) for boot-less multimedia playback, and the crisp 15.4-inch WSXGA screen. Downsides include the aforementioned video performance (i.e. gamers look elsewhere), 7.4-pound weight, and protruding battery pack with the extended-life option. Still, these are mostly trifles for a ~$1600 dual-core notebook with solid performance and a healthy feature set, so consider this your permission to buy.

[Thanks, Bill]