MAGIC smartphone boasts 8GB HDD, 512MB RAM, dual QVGA

Malaysia's Advance Tech Communications is set to make a big splash in the Windows Mobile smartphone market with the MAGIC (Mobile Advanced Global Integrated Communicator), a 10.5 ounce behemoth that has specs to make even the most devoted HTC fanboy jealous. The quad-band GSM phone includes an 8GB hard drive, 512MB RAM, dual QVGA displays, dual 2 megapixel cameras, QWERTY keyboard, GPS, Bluetooth, EDGE, WiFi, VGA output, and a microSD slot. Not surprisingly, Advance Tech is positioning this as an ultra-premium device; the company doesn't even call it a smartphone, billing it instead as a "laptop computer miniaturized to the size of a handheld device." One thing that hasn't been miniaturized is the price: Advance Tech envisions selling the MAGIC for $1,000 when it rolls out next quarter. That price will likely drop through service provider subsidies, but we don't expect to see this baby in the bargain bin anytime soon.

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