Seagate doesn't launch Wireless USB drives

Everybody remember those Wireless USB Seagate hard drives we saw at CES? C'mon, you've got to, they were the first proper WUSB devices we've seen in the wild. Well, ready or not, they've gone from prototype to production still prototype in the last couple of months and Seagate's announcing showing them off at IDF this week, so if you want to get your mitts on 'em, it shouldn't be long now. We might also mention they showed a whole slew of other random hard drives (Barracuda 7200.9, Momentus 5400.3, Momentus 5400 FDE, Momentus 7200.1) but really, you're not gonna get much more interesting than a freakin' wireless drive (unless maybe you're talking about terabyte platters or something).

[via MobileMag]

Update: Seagate phoned in to let us know that no, they're not in fact launching products, they just decided to issue a press release today outlining the many devices they've got on demo -- but are not launching -- at IDF. Ok, got it, thanks guys.