Hands-on with ASUS and Founder UMPCs

Now that the cat's out of the bag, we got a chance to lay flesh to gadget and conduct a quick hands-on with both the new ASUS and Founder UMPCs. As opposed to the Samsung Q1, these devices look and feel solid wtih the ASUS throwing down a sleek, brushed alluminum case and 1.3-megapixel front mounted cam for WiFi video conferencing. Oh, and the UMPC from Founder also slaps in a 1GHz Pentium M processor compared to the 900MHz Celeron M in the Samsung and ASUS. Expect these to sport optional, built-in GPS and mobile digital TV adapters too once they hit the streets, with premium price tags to match. Mums the word on exact pricing or availability but at least one of these three will drop this month for consumption. Lots more pics of the ASUS and Founder after the break.

First up, the ASUS. Note front mounted camera. That's brushed metal, folks though it's tough to tell in the moody Intel booth lighting.

SDIO up top.

Spec'd just like the Samsung Q1.

Next up, the UMPC from Founder sporting the Touch Pack.

Ahh, those new DialKeys, er, keys feel good. It's actually an effective way to enter text.

There's the Pentium M pushing 1GHz. Half the RAM of the others though.