MiniDisc lives! Hi-MD MZ-RH1 said to be coming soon

Like a zombie that keeps coming back from the dead no matter what you do (even "kill the brain and you kill the ghoul" doesn't work), Sony's MiniDisc format seems destined to survive all attempts to relegate it to the disc shredder of history. And despite expectations that Sir Howard would do his best to finally kill the format, it looks like it's going to make at least one more appearance, with the rumored third-gen HiMD recorder that may be just around the corner. According to various postings on the internets, the MZ-RH1 will be targeted at live-music enthusiasts, and may include such computer-friendly features as USB 2.0 and Mac compatibility. The recorder will, of course, use Sony's SonicStage software and ATRAC3plus data format, and will reportedly sell for about $300. And, now, Sir Howard, can we recommend the shovel to the head?

[Thanks, Indeego]