Samsung's ten megapixel SCH-B600

Ok, Samsung, ok! We get it, you always really wanted to show up LG (and every other cameraphone manufacturer in the world) for that matter; you hit five, seven, then eight megapixels, and now you've jumped to freaking ten megapixels as announced today at CeBIT with the SCH-B600. For those curious, the B600 has a 3x optical zoom, flash, S-DMB support, Bluetooth, EV-DO, TV-out, and will surely carry a price tag to make even a self respecting gadget blogger weep -- but that still doesn't mean we wouldn't want it in the US, now matter how crappy its camera may actually be. Seriously, do you know what kind of looks your digital camera nerd friends would give you when you say your phone shoots ten megapixels? Helio, you listening?

[Via Samsung HQ]