Panasonic announces 4GB SDHC SD card

We're not sure why they keep working on ancient memory card formats like SecureDigital (if it's not thumbnail-sized or smaller, we're not interested), but advances in this venerable format continue unabated, with cards now trickling out that support the new SDHC (for SD High Capacity), or SD 2.0, standard. Panasonic has just announced a 2.0-compliant 4GB model that appears to fall under the class 2 category of the new format's rating system (out of 2, 4, and 6), which refers to the card's minimum transfer speed in MBps. SDHC cards, which are only compatible with FAT32-compliant current-gen readers, promise capacities as high as 32GB, while offering the DRM-friendly security features that content producers love to frustrate us with. Panny's first entrant into the SDHC game will be available worldwide this summer.