Live from CeBIT: Hands-on with the Samsung Q30 with solid-state disk

Things are drawing to a close (for us) here at CeBIT. However, we just couldn't pass up the chance to run our fingers over that modded, Samsung Q30 laptop which tosses out the traditional hard disk drive (and fan) in favor of a solid-state disk (SSD) throwing down 32 mad GBs of heat and vibration-free storage. After all, it's not everyday we get to hold a silent, 2.5-pounds light, 0.7-inch thin, laptop with 12.1-inch display in our mits. Click on for a few shots including the SSD nekkid, next to its mechanical brethren.

Held comfortably in one hand -- hardly any torque on the wrist.

Yeah, we know, it says 16GB...must have plugged all the thirty-two's into the prototypes.