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Virginia Tech's 24 display workstation

Virginia Tech's 24 display workstation
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|March 13, 2006 2:53 AM
Leading the life of an Engadget editor, you don't ever think you could come upon a rig or setup with too much screen real estate. Sure, you can overcompensate in any number of ways -- like, say, too much drive space (what, you really need 8TB?) -- but pixel acreage never struck us as one of them. Until now. Say hello to Virginia Tech's 31 million pixel-pusher friends, their 24 display array "workstation" runs at 10240 x 3072. Apparently it takes 12 Linux servers running distributed computing software to operate, and can play Quake III at 15-30FPS. Well done, sirs, well done. We take it back, it's not too much. It's never too much.

[via Joystiq]
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