Thanko Silent Mouse kills the click

Of all the noisy, annoying devices in our office, our mouse has got to be fairly close to the bottom of the list, with an annoyance factor well below that of the fax machine, printer, coffee maker, and, of course, the dude in the next cube who insists on sharing every phone conversation with the world. While he drums on his desk. And snaps his gum. And plays loud Flash games on his PC. But the mouse? How much noise does it really make? Well, it makes enough that Japan's Thanko has decided to come out with a completely silent one, so that when you point and click, you actually point and _________. The price of silence: about ¥2,500 ($21). We suppose if you're really sensitive to ambient noise, it could come in handy. Otherwise, we really don't see the point. However, if Thanko has some ideas about the dude next door, we're ready to listen.