Disney may support both HD DVD and Blu-ray

While Disney continues to insist that Blu-ray is a better standard and will eventually win the format war, the company seems to be edging toward a position of supporting -- or at least releasing movies in -- both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats. At a recent shareholders' meeting Disney CEO Robert Iger talked up Blu-ray, but then went on to say that the company would "probably publish in both formats." The move mirrors similar decisions by other studios, such as Warner Brothers and Paramount, both of which had originally been HD DVD-only, but later went on to declare format neutrality. And while there are still a couple of studios with exclusive ties to one format over another, most seem to be following a trend also being pursued by hardware vendors and hedging their bets. Of course, the day we see Sony Pictures release an HD DVD disc is the day the format war officially ends.