Engadget's birthday cake winners!

You guys are the best. Seriously, we mean it. Last week we put up a contest offering up an Alienware Area-51 3550 for the best Engadget birthday cake you could bake for our 2nd birthday. What we got back was about 150 cakes, some of which were so astounding we didn't even know how to react. We had a long weekend judging all these cakes, but we've got our winners, as well as a bunch of runners up we had to commend with an Engadget t-shirt. Big thanks to everyone who entered, and don't worry, we've got more Engadget birthday cake galleries on their way.

Click on to view the winners' gallery!

Grand Prize Winner!
Alienware Area-51 3550, courtesy of Intel and Alienware

Kirk Sutherland - working Treo 650 cake

Dude completely freaking blew us away with his functional 1:6 scale Treo 650 cake. Kirk, you're a freaking madman, and this is easily the best birthday present anyone's ever given us. We thought the competition was a lock until you came along and, well, took the cake. We tip our hats to you sir.

Watch the video of the cake in action!

Second place!
Squeezebox Wireless

David & Barbara G - Aibo

This was easily the most technically astounding cake we saw. The difficult shapes and attention to detail paid to Aibo is absolutely incredible. Hope it tastes as good as it looks!

Runners up (in no particular order)

Chyun G - Alienware PC

If we had a third place prize, it would have easily gone to Chyun for her Alienware PC. This cake is astoundingly well made, and we're really sorry we couldn't take a taste.

Paul G - Sony Ericsson W600i Walkman phone

Jake & Katie - Robocakien

Nick & Jess - Atari 2600

Scott N - Mac mini cake

Dan and Holly - Sony Betamax

Ryan and Denise B - Alienware PC

Robert H - Engadget roll cake

Anthony and Candice - Alienware PC

Sean G -Stefan Eriksson's Enzo crash

Brandon C - Fake iPod video (the video that debunks is amazing!)

Colin B - CSquid Labs cake made with a 45 Watt CO2 CNC laser cutting system

Kurosh - Alienware PC

Arash M - HTC Wizard

kram12667 - Nikon D70