Archos AV 700 reviewed

Archos just announced their dual-DVB-T tuner version of the Archos AV 700 and already French site mobinaute has a hands-on review of the device. Yeah, the review is in French but that lead-off vid cuts through any machine-translator noise by showing just how well those two antennas and "diversity reception" technology hold-up while scootin' about town. While the reception definitely delivers while chillin' in the still it starts to break-down once mobile. But what's most intriguing is the hilarity brought on by Suddenly Susan dubbed in French -- who knew? Unfortunately, there isn't any mention of battery life when drawing that power-hungry DVB-T signal (DVB-H is better suited for mobile devices but not deployed widely, yet) -- then again, all the pics show the device on-the-mains, probably for good reason.

Update: Steven has noted in the comments that the preview does mention battery life: 3h30 in TV mode (viewing) and 3h in TV recording mode. Pretty good, considering.