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60GB iPod "at risk" -- new video model coming?

OK, we really resisted dipping into the murky waters of this latest round of Apple rumors, but it looks like things have gotten too deep for us to just wade off and ignore it (have we exhausted this metaphor yet? Good.). It turns out that Apple has apparently put the 60GB iPod on its "at risk" list. That's a designation Apple provides to retailers to give them a heads up that a product may be in short supply in the near future. Apple doesn't provide any explanation for why a certain product is categorized this way. It could be that it's sold so well that supply can't keep up with demand. It could be that it's being replaced with a higher-capacity model. Or it just could be -- and you know where this is going -- that it's being phased out to make room for the one true video iPod. That seems to be the consensus on the internets, and even some financial analysts are betting on that scenario. Shaw Wu, of American Technology Research, told clients that he believes Apple is working on a wide-screen video iPod with Bluetooth, and that his "checks" confirm this. Of course, we don't know who Wu checked with. His sources could be right; or Apple could be coming out with a 40 or 80GB version of the current model; or just having a supply-chain hiccup; or, well, you get it. And if you'll excuse us, we're now going to swim ashore and wash this muck off.

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