Dell XPS 600 Renegade goes on sale for $10K

If you've been ogling Dell's XPS 600 Renegade gaming rig since CES, and waiting to get your hands on one, now's your chance. If you're prepared to spend close to $10,000, that is ($9,930, to be precise). So, what do you get for that price, other than the dubious ability to boast that you spent ten grand on a Dell, dude? For starters, it's got NVIDIA Quad-SLI graphics and an overclocked Pentium 965 Extreme Edition running at 4.26 GHz. Dell is also throwing in their 30-inch 3007WFP display, which regularly goes for $2,199, making this a veritable bargain! Well, maybe not. But, hey, there's always that paint job, right? That's gotta be worth something.