Samsung Q35 - "world's smallest" Core Duo laptop

What do you do when you're a little late to the party, and still want to make sure you catch a bit of buzz? If you're Samsung, you don't just announce that your Q35 is a Core Duo laptop; after all, other companies have been announcing their Core Duo rigs for months. You declare it the "world's smallest" Core Duo box, and trumpet the fact that it weighs about 4 pounds, has a 12-inch widescreen display, and still manages to pack in a T2700 processor, 512MB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive. There's also a DVD burner, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and Firewire. And, of course, since Samsung laptops aren't sold in the US, we assume that within a few days we'll hear an announcement from someone else for the "world's smallest Core Duo laptop that you can actually buy."