Nintendo Revolution = Nintendo GO?

As of this writing it's about midnight in Japan (so we can't confirm the text with our Japanese counterparts), but someone sent in this image of what they believe might be a swiped slide from Japan showing off Nintendo's final brand for the forthcoming Revolution. Supposedly it could be announced later today by Iwata-san at GDC in San Jose, but until one of our faithful readers wants to translate what little text is visible we're by no means prepared to comment on the validity of this shot -- if anything, we're inclined to call hoax, since they quite often are, particularly with Apple and Nintendo. We do think we know of one person who could probably sort this one for us though: Qbert, where you at? This looks like your gig, dude.

[Thanks, Helmut]

Update: Engadget Japan editor Ittousai let us know that there's too little information to tell exactly what's going on here, but the text contains fragments like "the brand (reflects)," "contains system-level," and "-technology in latest info." Well, at least we know it's not completely fake Japanese.

Update 2: another (anonymous) user has stepped forward with another mysterious image, which we were told is of a product brochure of the Nintendo Go. Is it real? We don't have any more reason to think this is any more authentic than the first image -- but it's got our attention, that's for sure.