Sony pulls plug on PSone production

After 11 years of existence as one of the most popular consoles of all time, the PSone is finally getting the kibosh from Sony. The original PlayStation, through its original and PSone iterations, has sold over 100 million units, and we're sure brought joy to millions of users worldwide, ourselves included. (Oh come on, Syphon Filter? Final Fantasy Tactics? Parappa? These are true happiness.) Of course, you'll always be able to grab a PSone on eBay if a Spyro urge hits, or just dive into your storage shed to dredge up your original PlayStation, but can we ever truly go back to those days of our youth? The good news is that Sony is working on a PSX emulator for the PSP, and you can always pop an old game into your PS2 or PS3, so hopefully we'll never be far from a little bit of (relatively) old school action.

[Via Joystiq]