Sony Walkman E-series flash players

Sure, Sony may have taken a page out of the old screenless audio player book on their new E-series players, but hey, from the sound of it these things may have some decent features and storage to 'em. Though to the best of our knowledge they haven't been announced yet (which means, of course, they may not necessarily be real or materialize), it looks like these new E-series flash players may have an FM tuner option and come in 512MB (NW-E002), 1GB (E003), and 2GB capacities (E005) for up to 1,400 Kronor (about $180 US). Very doable, if you ask us.

[Thanks, Tom]

Update: Guess not on the screenless audio bit! ATRACLife has the skinny on the new E-series, which does in fact rock a one line display (but forgoes the FM, apparently). Looks like it could give the you-know-what a run for its money after all.