Scoble posts vid of Microsoft's "Auxiliary Display"

Microsoft blogger, CTE (Chief Technology Evangelist), and self-professed geek Robert Scoble has posted a tantalizing video of the company's auxiliary display technology that we've been following for some time now, having most recently learned that iPod supplier PortalPlayer will be providing some of the chips. Scoble had a chance to play around with the only current implementation of the SPOT-based, cellphone-like external display for laptops, the Asus notebook with the 2-inch square LCD that we've known about since the days when we were still looking forward to "Longhorn" -- ah, how young and naive we were back then. The 18 minute vid is a nice mix of close-up shots of the separate, always-on computer performing email, media control, and PIM tasks, along with commentary from the Windows Sideshow Team concerning the architecture and consumer/developer possibilities of the system. All-in-all it seems like a pretty neat concept, although frankly we can't see many applications for it beyond what our WM5 smartphones are doing for us right now -- readers?

[Thanks, Bill E.]