Dell Latitude D620, D820 get specs

Dell's latest Latitude models must be the worst-kept secrets in the computer biz, what with early, blurry pics and even an actual hands-on review that was posted and later vanished from Laptop mag's web site. And now that the boxes are apparently about to launch, we've been gifted with what look to be the actual spec sheets for two new models, the D620 and D820 (left to right, above). According to these docs, the 620 will weigh 4.41 pounds, will be available in Core Solo and Duo configs, will have a 14-inch display running at either 1280x800 or 1440x900, and will include WiFi and Bluetooth, with optional internal HSDPA or EV-DO cards available. The 820 has a 15-inch display, weighs in at about 6 pounds, and has similar config options, including a choice of Core Solo or Duo processors. Both models will include an instant-on external WiFi finder, so you can find a working network without having to open and boot up your laptop. What's missing from the spec sheets? Pricing, of course, though we expect to find out about that soon enough.

Update: The D620 base configuration will drop for $1,149 whereas the D820 will go for $1,289 -- both are spec'd with a Core Duo T2300, 512MB RAM, 40GB disk and 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi capability

[Thanks, Bobby]