RCA Lyra X3000 gets thumbs-up

Lest you think that RCA (or Thomson, or whoever off in Taipei or Guangzhou designs these) only makes uninspired carabiner-sporting DAPs, we're now able to report that the company's Lyra X3000 PMP that we first caught at CES is now available to buy, and is getting some decent reviews. PC Mag took a look at the $399 unit, and found the X3000 -- which sports a 3.6-inch 320x240 LCD and supports WMA, PlaysForSure, and the ability to record from any analog video source -- offers "solid multimedia performance" and "excellent video file format support." That support, as pointed out by the reviewer, also includes easy recording of even copy-protected DVDs, which can then be played back via a TV or PC, as well as on the X3000. The downside (and there's always a downside)? Lower video quality than some competing products, such as the Archos AV 500, and a relatively skimpy 20GB drive. But those sound like minor quibbles. And we're sure you can rip it open and stuff in a bigger drive if all those ripped DVDs start to take up too much space.

[Thanks, Dave]